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At MyHeart, our mission is to provide cardiac health information that’s accurate and actionable. Every word on MyHeart is written and then reviewed by respected physicians. If you're struggling with heart disease, helping a loved one, or simply want to be the healthiest version of yourself - MyHeart is your source for a healthy heart.Enter
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  • CMS seeks input on future of Open Payments program
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is seeking physician input on the Open Payments program. The agency signaled its intent to gather information in its <a ...
    Published on 2016-07-21
  • Feds sue to block mega-mergers by health insurers
    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing to block two mega-mergers between four of the largest health insurers in the nation, claiming the alignments will harm competition and reduce patient... ...
    Published on 2016-07-21
  • Lessons learned from merging EHR systems
    WASHINGTON – As practices merge, how hard is it to merge EHRs? Even in what might seem to be the best circumstances, it can be a huge challenge, according to <a ...
    Published on 2016-07-21


  • Baseball Hall of Famer comes out swinging against heart disease
    DALLAS, July 21, 2016 — Baseball Hall of Famer Rod Carew knows he is lucky to be alive. Last fall, a heart attack, cardiac arrest and heart failure left him with a weakened heart and with a machine keeping blood… ...
    Published on 2016-07-22
  • Female smokers face greatest risk for brain bleeds
    Study Highlights: Bleeds in the inner lining of the brain are significantly more common among smokers, especially female smokers, than non-smokers. Even light smoking increases the risk, but the greatest risk is among heavy smokers. ...
    Published on 2016-07-21
  • Fluctuations in “bad” cholesterol may be linked to worse brain health
    Study Highlights: Greater fluctuations in “bad” cholesterol levels may be linked to declining brain health in older adults. The negative effect from fluctuations was found regardless of average bad cholesterol levels or use of cholesterol-lowering drugs. ...
    Published on 2016-07-18

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